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Ranisi brand three core brand value
The brand is the most valuable asset of a company
As an international brand of different cultures and races, Rennes is committed to becoming a representative of "promoting innovation, striving for progress and sincere service", gaining consumer appreciation, respect for partners and widely recognized by all sectors of society.

Excellence under the brand must have an eternal idea, the concept of the company is "win-win", that is, for the common interests of work and live together to eliminate due to culture, customs, language and ethnic differences caused by the Estrangement, the establishment of a society of all mankind to share a happy and happy life.
In conveying the brand information, we should fully consider the cultural differences in the market, religious and political sensitivity. Whether it is the company's image, technology, or products, services, advertising to convey the three core values ​​of which one of them.

As the growth of the lighting industry brand, Ranisi in all areas has always maintained the spirit of continuous innovation, innovation not only bring profits, but also makes the Rennes gradually become recognized by the industry leader in the field. Leaving the customers of Reynolds to get new products and new information. Make their lives more colorful, full of wisdom. Reynolds' innovation is mainly manifested in the following aspects:
• Strong R & D capability • Strong investment to advance technological innovation • Customer demand-oriented product design • Multiple patented technology inventions

Ranisi has a strong fighting spirit and enterprising, with all aspects of the perfect operating mechanism, sustained and rapid development. Strong strength and growth will attract more talent to join the company, more business partners to join the company, is the consumer and dealer confidence in the company, thus gradually beyond the competitors, increase market share and Income, Reynolds ahead of the main performance in the following areas:
• Good prospects for development • Leading marketing • Humanized employee management system • Reasonable return mechanism • Excellent quality management system • Good financial growth

Raytheon represents quality, assurance and trust. As the corporate citizen of the person in charge, the Rennes Division is committed to improving the human life by providing customers with high quality products to every customer and commitment to the community. Zhicheng dedication to help enhance the reputation of the brand name, so as to consumers, customers, the media, the community to establish a long-term positive interaction. The company is mainly engaged in the following areas: • High-quality products • Sincere service • Rapid response • Emphasis on consumer rights • Broad participation in social welfare activities • Active support for environmental protection