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Market layout policy
In order to protect the vital interests of partners to protect the healthy growth of the company brand, the company implemented to the city and city as a unit of small regional exclusive agent model;
product service
Companies to provide high-quality, professional, cost-effective LED commercial lighting products and services to ensure that partners in the process of operating the product without any worries;
The company provides a sound product structure:
Economical product groups: sales volume products to create sales opportunities to help partners to cut into the end customer to help partners to seek sales increase;
Brand shape product group: the company independent research and development of products to meet the high-end consumer groups on the brand identity of the brand, for the partners to create a reasonable profit of the product group;
High-end personalized product group: to enhance the brand image of the company to meet the needs of high-end personalized consumer groups, while partners to create more profit margins of the product group;
Operating risk protection system
In view of the current domestic LED commercial lighting industry characteristics, in order to protect the operator's business from the industry price adjustment and economic damage, the company can promise: for price adjustment, the company one month notice partners, so that partners to make the appropriate adjustments;
Policy Support
★ decoration subsidies
★ Guang Xuan material support
According to the progress of the company's market development, in the appropriate professional lighting market investment in the corresponding outdoor brand advertising to shape the brand name Renault LED commercial lighting to help partners to promote the brand;
★ staff support
Professional sales, after-sales service team support, to help the market development, product promotion, professional training (three days before the opening of new store professional training: products, lighting knowledge, shopping guide skills, etc.), engineering operations, lighting design, special product support,
★ promotion support
Companies in accordance with industry conditions, market development situation from time to time channel promotions (rebate) and terminal promotions (special) policy to help partners to promote brand and sales.