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Lighting application design service

In order to enhance customer service experience,Now Raynice Lighting Co.,Ltd add lighting application design service for free in 2017. With the help of lighting design company's professional quality and the division of fine lighting technology, with all my heart for you to create a perfect life.
lighting application design service specs
1.According to the customer to provide floor plan, platfond standards, coordinate the location and choose the appropriate lighting, design the effect drawing.
2.Follow up with customers to facilitate the implementation of the project. Follow up customer usage and receive feedback.
Raynice company offer report or analysis:
1.  Lighting concept design,With lighting application design and reference atmosphere.
2.  Interior lighting application design details(CAD).
3.  Indoor space lighting, lighting simulation, CIE standard design.
4.  Light material list and installation instructions.
5.  Integrated lighting atmosphere integration.
Provide professional lighting designers to provide professional lighting application design services,The overall scheme of lighting, lamps selection,  lamps position, calculation of lighting, lighting effect, the control system etc involved in the field of lighting to give professional advice and technical support, provide the selection of post lamp and on-site technical guidance services.
Thank you for your trust and support. The final interpretation belong to JiangMen Raynice Lighting Co.,Ltd, We will inform if have any change in 2018.  Service will be anywhere and any time. Our Raynice Company will provide more high-quality value-added services for you, Be patient!    

JiangMen Raynice Lighting Co.,Ltd
1st March 2017